Meditation: slowly, slowly

If you watch YouTubes of Tibetan teachers, you will hear them sometimes say, “slowly, slowly.” No matter what the context is, the reminder is the same: good things take time.

In the case of meditation training, practice, and the path of incremental inner transformation, before long everyone notices that that which is benefiting the practitioner on the cushion is bringing goodness or kindness or impartial clarity into the world of family, friends, workplace, grocery store, farmers market, subway, airplane, and everywhere that person goes. And, when that person feels a troublesome emotion rise or hears a judgmental or critical thought in his or her head, that person truly hears it and knows what to do about it.

Life is one whole, interconnected in every way measurable and immeasurable. Thank you for meditating and taking the time to learn to meditate effectively.

slowly, slowly 083129


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