Meditation: integrate it

What is your general experience in meditation? Is your day composed of the same? How successful have you been in integrating the qualities experienced in meditation such as excellence or tranquility or clarity or spaciousness or emptiness or joy, etc. into how you live your life?

True meditation is designed to bring one increasingly to truth, truths that are self-discovered but universal, truths that are obvious once experienced but dismissed conceptually throughout one’s day. Example, impermanence is/change is. If this is so, why are we taken by surprise when things change like health or looks or relationships or the Earth? Why is it common for aging to be considered a health issue or problem, when the truth is that all things run their course. In the case of the human body, it ages, gets diseases, it dies. What if the clarity or tranquility or bliss that we experience in meditation could be brought to bear to our sense of existence? What would that adjust for you? Would that be beneficial?

The same truth of impermanence and change is the fulcrum of beings being able to learn, to evolve, to grow, to invent, to create, to dream possibilities and determine ways to accomplish their goals. So, this truth is not a downer, but is simply a truth and can be used in any way one wants – beneficially or not.

The last series of meditations (buddhi series) gave support and instruction in maturing one’s shamatha practice though that was never said. Shamatha is every level of tranquility, peace or stability, clarity or alert, acute awareness; it is every type of equanimity, spacious, expansive, openness; it is nirvana, it is rest and the mind at rest in its own nature; and, it is more. So, to mature one’s shamatha practice is vital and supreme.

This series brings the complement of vipashyana – direct perception, pure perception, penetrating insight, perceiving correctly – into one’s practice. But, because vipashyana (vipassana) has to do with perception of any kind about anything, then the majority of those perceptions happens off the cushion and in one’s life. Our effort, then, is to integrate that which occurs during meditation into as many moments and situations as possible with consistency.

Enjoy the absorption of this meditation. (We ran a little long because of that.)

integrate it 081519

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