Meditation: depth (buddhi 12)

One of the purposes of this series of meditations and its simple five-step instruction is to illustrate or make apparent the qualities of buddhi that are present all the time. For example, clarity is a buddhic quality: a pristine, pure, radiant simplicity that due to these qualities is gently and profoundly clear. The Master DK said of buddhi that it is “the clear cold light.” Yes, we experience this when meditation is true. Clear/clarity, cold as in impartial and neutral, light as in luminous, bright sensorially not necessarily visually.

Another purpose has been to support deepening of a practitioner’s state. Classically, one word for that is absorption. The word absorption (samadhi in Sanskrit) is usually put on a pedestal regarding achieved meditative state and, to some extent, rightly so. An absorption in meditation is a stable pristine concentration, it is a state wherein the doer is no longer doing, and conditioned awareness is aware of conditioning but neutral and unhindered by them. In this meditation series, the intention has been to provide thresholds in practicing meditation that the practitioner can cross. Having crossed, the meditator finds freshness each time, a newness that – though repeated each session – is brand new each time. That freshness, that constant birthing is buddhi in its emptiness.

depth 080819

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