Meditation: the senses



Our friend mirrors much to us.





“No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind.” (Heart Sutra)

Would one’s perception change if the relationship to one’s senses changed? If so, how so?

Human beings and animals are automated to our senses. Light wakes us up in morning (sight) even though our eyes are closed. Sound can be low like the murmur of the breeze or the buzz of a bee or loud like a Harley Davidson roaring by. Are they registered equally? What emotions and thoughts are produced in accordance with them, including pleasant/unpleasant, invited/pushed away?

What of people with extra-sensory perception, intuition, psychometric awareness? Are they using their senses differently, less, more? Or is common sensory information processed differently?

We meditate with the skull head.

Also, an instruction or invitation is given for the week: highlight one sense each day. Notice it fully as often as possible. Then contemplate the current moment without it.

Notice how selective, and usually narrow, the habit with a sense is. For example, visually a panorama is before one every second, yet the ego-eyes-mind connection selects and deletes things from the view constantly. What’s up with that? Our other senses-ego-mind do the same. Consider the sensation of touch, skin, and all that can be felt as another example.

We meditate.

the senses 052819



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