Meditation: connected by light

The five-day full moon cycle completes today. Many people have aligned with this May full moon under the aspirations of Wesak. In addition to being a celebration of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and paranirvana, it also offers a specific linking of the world network of light (heart-mind) by all being seen and unseen. This network interpenetrates the world, all beings, and engenders the awakening of compassion, wisdom, and right action.

We align once again with this network, of which all meditators and people of goodwill are a part. In that alignment there is no fear for the world or its beings, but also no denial of the fullness of suffering and the causes of suffering. In the alignment of light, with the power of compassion-wisdom ignited, you and I can acknowledge how we cause or foster suffering as well as how we are and can extinguish the causes of all suffering for all beings of every kind on this wondrous Earth.

connected by light 052119


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