Meditation: stay with it – simplicity

When The Practice of Living Awareness established itself in my mind, it had twelve steps. I said to myself, “Perfect! One for each of the petals of the heart center.” Over the next couple of years and three excellent meditators and teachers training in how to offer The Practice, two more steps were added. “Perfect,” I said to myself. “One for will and power (1st Ray) and four for Humanity (the 4th Ray and the buddhic plane). So now what?

As I said this morning in the live meditation (which is the podcast), no, I have not abandoned The Practice. It is a step by step method that serves and suits a modern beginner or intermediate practitioner who lives a common, busy life. Why? Because The Practice is about integrating each step for the meditation cushion into one’s daily life. As Jigten Sumgon stated, “If one cannot practice self-awareness, the result of one’s practice will be easily dissipated by thoughts and outer conditions.” The steps are born of the blessings of the Buddha and of Master Patanjali, the two greatest teachers of meditation to grace our planet during this root race.

But, as my meditation practice has simplified and my life followed suit, I am experiencing the unquestionable benefits of simplicity. Bare noticing of awareness-mind is  instruction from the Buddha; it is also the essence of  Mahamudra and Dzogchen meditation life. As Milarepa said, “When you sit, rest the mind and be at ease. This is the Heart Teaching of how to sit.”

So then, as the current experiment in meditation practice, four techniques are being offered. They build upon each other and will bring benefit if done in order. They include and essentialize several of the fourteen steps of The Practice of Living Awareness but are not a replacement. If one is beginning a meditation practice, The Practice is where to start. But, since many, if not most, of those meditating with me have been for years, simplification is worth trying.

Today’s meditation completes Technique #1. Next week is Technique #2.

stay with it, simplicity 042019

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