Meditation: smooth

The simplicity and supremacy of meditation has been championed many times here on this blog. As the compassionate and wise have testified through the ages, there is nothing more powerful for a person’s self-actualization of heart and awareness than meditation. And, though there are countless variations on the theme of meditation’s simplicity, each technique highlighting or emphasizing one factor of awareness/compassion or another or addressing the untamed and untrained factors within our habits that obscure awareness/compassion, meditation practice itself is simple.

After teaching meditation for over 30 years and practicing it for a very long time, my practice has essentialized to the simplicity offered by the enlightened ones and used by them so that awareness/compassion would be what they lived and demonstrated. I long to do the same; and in the recognition of one’s challenges to that aspiration is the recognition and empathy that others also are challenged. We all suffer but we all want peace within and happiness in our lives. We want that for our dog or cat, our family, and the world.

So, here on the online practice, we will focus on four simple techniques. I did not make them up. They are from the Buddha, the supreme master of meditation and conqueror of all that was untamed and untrained within. Each of these techniques runs through the entirety of meditation practice, from rank beginner to realized being. Of course, that is true of all the essentials within meditation practice: the beginning step is also the final step in the most advanced practices. For example, shamatha is dzogchen if fully accomplished.

1. The first technique requires 10 minutes. First, settle: acknowledge that you are sitting, the sensations of body, breath, sitting, etc. Participate fully in your choice to be present and sit in meditation practice. That will take a minute or two. Then, simply be. Thoughts will arise, they will fall. Lists will want to be tabulated, don’t pay attention. Breathe. Within and underneath the litany and the complexity of our usual emotion-mind state is a smooth, gentle, blank, flowing awareness. It has nothing, is nothing, and yet is experience-able. This smooth blankness is the mother of all cognition, the source of all peace, the origin of equanimity.

Thaz’it! (as Darren would say)

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2 Responses to Meditation: smooth

  1. gkisedtanamoogk says:

    21SundayAug 2016
    One day, I was meditating outside. Nature teamed around me, everything in flow, beauty in all directions. I looked up at the sky and the thought came that “everything is still inside the womb of Mother Earth.” The flash of awareness that swept through me was profound: everything seen, perceived, and related to; all in existence, even the view of the starry night sky, is all the perception of creation from within Her womb. And, furthermore, if this stunning wondrous expression of life is a gestational state, then what will birth at the time of fulfillment? That exploded and expanded sense of Earth-based reality has never left me and I believe it to be metaphysically and spiritually corre
    Greetings! i am gkisedtanamoogk and just wanted to say how profound Your statement is. Having an in utero conversation with my youngest Grand-Daughter a few years ago, one starry snow-covered April evening, she brought me to such a profundity…she was in her universe, the Womb of her Mother and i realized that i too was in utero, in the Great Womb of Existence. This conversation created the understanding and link with the metaphysics of my Culture and now i’m writing perspectives of how my People think about Life, Ceremony, and Existence. Thank You for expressing such confirmation….,


    • Hi, Yes, the contemplation that the Great Mother is still gestating is a deep thought. One begins to muse on the grandeur of her intention as well as the profundity of our experience. We are within her life intention, within her wholeness, her emptiness. So glad that you are writing, meditating, and celebrating how your “People” express the depth and meaning of Existence. Thanks for stopping by, too!


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