Meditation: the gift

Each moment is a gift made possible because we are incarnated. Thus, incarnation is a gift; one that we, in our higher nature, deliberately chose, orchestrated, put in motion, and keep vital each day that we are alive. To contemplate this life as a gift, each moment within it as a gift, each person, event, circumstance, joy and challenge as a gift is time well spent.

Because we are incarnated, we can learn, give, evolve consciously, and increasingly live from the excellences and qualities that are innate, that are what we are. Contemplations and meditations such as this support the integration of these qualities into each moment of living and being. Through this, not only is our day made better and positive karma produced, but simultaneously the world, one’s family, one’s workplace, one’s emails and communications are made better. All are benefited and gifted as we realize each moment and person as a gift.

the gift 040219

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