Meditation: the power of one’s practice

We complete this cycle of meditations with acknowledging fully the present moment. This was done in last week’s meditations also but a little more explanation is offered, then the long space of silence for presence.

As said after the meditation is done, direct perception and acknowledging of the experience within a moment as it is, raw and naked, present and truthful, whether troublesome or joyous, is one of the most powerful practices that one can take into one’s day. Overwhelmed? Say it, “wow, I’m really feeling overwhelmed.” Respect that for the experience that it is, layered, textured, and trying to report layers of thoughts and feelings. Then, with softness and openness ask yourself why, “why is overwhelm what I am experiencing?” (Please not the words. Using the word experience provides the layers and textures in the feeling to be known. If one asks “why am I feeling this way?, that is a loaded and preferential question. There is judgment in it: that one shouldn’t be feeling what one is. Rather, the experience is truth. Acknowledge it. Explore it.

One would equally acknowledge joy or happiness. “wow, this moment is joyful.” After respecting the fullness of joy, then ask “why is joy the experience?” In other words, what allowed that to arise?

To live from awareness is to live from the power of being present. Presence is now and the experience of now, no matter what it is. We will discover that calling ourselves to that truth of moment and truth of experience will foster clarity and better decision making, will undo the ego’s games, will keep us truthful with ourself and others.

  • We’ll take two weeks away from online live meditations – then come back with Intermediate practices. Please use the podcasts on the blog or your own sitting practice while we are not online.

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