Meditation: butterfly asana

This photo shows the amazing balance of a butterfly and can encourage us in our meditation practice. Equilibrium is not simply a matter of balance. It is a whole body-speech-mind experience.

The butterfly is aware of its entire environment, and we are asked to bring forward a similar level of awareness – a whole awareness. The butterfly coordinates its energy/speech, its body, movement, impulses, and drives, as well as its consciousness-mind. If we are to experience the ease that this butterfly seems to experience, we, too, must coordinate ourselves inside and out.

But, if we watch a butterfly, its ease and grace, then we realize that the effort used in self-coordination actually leads to effortlessness within ourselves and with others.

May all beings experience inner lightness of being!

*This photo has been purchased and, therefore, can be used here. See for more amazing work by amazing people.

butterfly asana 012619

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