Meditation: soft innocence

Christmas celebrates the birth of a child, a soft innocent child. Christmas remembers the soft wool of sheep, of shepherds cloaked against the chill of the night, and of the soft warmth of Mary’s breast nursing the newborn child.

Christmas also honors light: the light of a star, the light of aspiration in the magi, the light of virtue in Joseph, the luminous purity of Mary, and the light of the Christ-child. But,  Christmas is also about the light within each of us symbolized by the star in the East, by virtue, purity, innocence, and by the intention of an incarnation. That light is within each of us, therefore Christ would say as an adult, “You are the light of the world.”

Perfectly, today begins step four of The Practice of Living Awareness: Soften, Open, and Receive. Whether one celebrates the deeper meanings of Christmas or not, our meditation practice invites us to soften and open to the qualities within.

May all people realize the innocence of truth of being, the softness of the heart’s power, the light of the awakened and altruistic mind, and a life lived for the well-being of others. May we all understand the amazing gift to the world that each of us potentially is: we are “the light of the world.”

soft innocence 122518

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