Meditation: Flow or pace

Say the words “flow” and then “pace” inside yourself giving time to experience how your emotions, mind, and energetic body respond to each word.


You probably experienced what most people do:

  • “flow” felt like a river, felt gentle though constant, and felt bigger than yourself in a beneficial way.
  • “pace” felt active, maybe hurried or at a rate that felt not of your control. It might have felt bigger than you but not necessarily beneficial.

The third step in The Practice of Living Awareness is Flow. It usually begins its emphasis on the flawless flow of the breath and hearkens to the foundations of meditation that we have been using for the last two weeks. In this meditation, we are brought to an awareness of the felt-senses mentioned above and then into the silent ease of the continuity of breath/awareness/presence. The latter is supported by silence, for the most part.

May our meditations pour presence and awareness into the collective human consciousness!

flow or pace 121819

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2 Responses to Meditation: Flow or pace

  1. Heather Giles says:

    I love your writings. Thank you and blessings and light over the weekend the Christmas season. 💕


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