Meditation: Give your happiness

When one’s meditation is for others, that tends to refine or deepen one’s sitting. Why? Because, if meditation is only about one’s self, that’s a small frame of reference. There is purposefulness in self-examination, self-illumination, self-clarification, and self-compassion but the self is interdependent and interconnected with all beings, therefore, the greater benefit to one’s self and increase of efficacy in one’s practice will come when one includes others in the reason one is meditating.

This might take the form of a simple statement as one sits down to meditate: “May this meditation benefit all beings.” or as one settles, “for the well-being of all beings.” It also can take the form of a meditation that is focused on others.

This meditation begins with a contemplation of what you and I enjoy in our life. We acknowledge that with gratitude. It could be sightedness, a warm home, to be able to walk, friends, and so forth. Then, all the happiness and sources of happiness are wished toward all other people in the world.


give your happiness

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