Meditation: the moment is sparkling

Being present provides that the scintillating fullness of any moment can be experienced. Within that fullness is the playful activity of our mind, the rich undulating tapestry of our feelings, and the fecund fertile ground of sentiency itself. But, without presence, the fullness of being and of the moment are missed.

How does it happen that we miss the now? By bringing the past to the present, by being in our minds or emotions about something rather than present to the current moment, or thinking about the future while not being present to the present.

  • Bringing the past into the present: This is as innocuous as naming the color of the sky in one’s mind or noticing the being that is flitting through the sky and calling it a robin. These are identifications that we learned as a child, i.e. in the past. Another example is when emotional memories (traumatic, troubling, or happy) are projected onto a situation, person, or thing.
  • Being preoccupied by emotions or thoughts so as to miss the current moment: Leaving something behind, daydreaming and not knowing it, fretting about something, or being distracted or enticed such as in a store are examples of not being present in the now.
  • Thinking about the future in the present: Planning is necessary in everyone’s lives, and visioning a possible outcome or running a scenario through one’s mind are helpful in a variety of situations. Worry, however, is not. Worry is always future oriented. Often it also results from bringing the past into the present.

When we are present to a moment, the moment opens and a sparkle is present. Humor, ease, comfort within oneself, integrity of self and circumstance, or creative inspiration are a few ways that the sparkle demonstrates. In truth, what is happening is a noticing of the usually not noticed of the moment as it is (however it is). This is the beginning of a meditation practice, of being in truth of being, and of living an inspired life.

smile, the moment is sparkling

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