advancing meditation: Ease

What is the difference between ease and easy? Take a moment and feel their distinctions.

Ease is a feeling that one has to drop into to experience it. It has depth, space, gentleness, alert vibrancy, contentment, and simplicity to it. These are felt-experiences within the experience of ease as is contentment.

Easy is a mental process. Its movement is fast, sometimes fidgety. In contradistinction to the depth of ease, easy feels surface, like moving along the surface of things. The alertness is fickle, here and then gone, distracted and not so easy to sustain. And, the contentment of easy is ego/self oriented and self-driven. This is not a judgement but a discernment together with the others between ease and easy.

Vipashyana has one overall purpose: to look correctly. This means to expose the sources of limitation and the mechanisms for expansion and truth to oneself. Each moment and any situation is the time and place for vipashyana, including letting oneself experience the distinctions between ease and easy.

When easy comes from ease, the easy is experienced as flow – but not a flow that “I” have made happen. Ease has simply illumined the interconnectedness of all things. The relatedness of this to that, or the continuum of simplicity were brought forward due to ease. With that, anything is easy.

The volumes of teaching illumined by doing so are pointings-out that we give to our self. Practicing the insights derived is the next step toward true ease and the seeding of that in the world and our relations.

advancing 081118 ease


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