Mirror-like Wisdom and meditation training

Mirror-like Wisdom is almost exclusively a Mahayana Buddhist consideration and contemplation. But, for the month of August, the wisdom of mirror and the like-ness of perceived reality will be our focus in advancing meditation training.

Today’s introduction to the meditation sitting is almost ten minutes long, and purposefully so. Let the stage be set for the month by doing so.

Clarifications and instructions will be quoted from a variety of meditation masters. Each will offer an angle or insight into the investigation of what is real through advancing one’s meditation practice into the heart of vipashyana – penetrating clarity and insight.

Please be aware that, like doing a fasting or a cleanse, engaging one’s reality in the concerted way that vipashyana can (when truly engaged) can unsettle the foundations of perception that one holds as true or real. Such deconstruction is one of the primary purposes of vipashyana.

Those who have come from The Practice of Living Awareness entry/beginner training might ask, how is The Practice related to the advancing practice? Those who were in the Intermediate practice might wonder the same.

Several years ago, I codified the 14 steps of The Practice of Living Awareness in order to provide the foundations of contemplative and meditation practice. Those foundations come from the Buddha and Patanjali. By offering, such as Smile, Soften and Open, or Luminous Perception as key words, for example, these steps could become a form of practice in one’s life as well as meditation instruction. Doing so, the structure of all advancing meditation practice was laid. This, then, could be built upon through further instruction and a variety of methods of practice.

Furthermore, because The Practice of Living Awareness is designed to inspire thus induce living awareness in you and me, then when one wants to take that to a deeper level and a more factual level of realization, the initial trails have been tread and truth of moment and truth of Being is somewhat familiar.

The Practice speaks for itself at every level of contemplation, meditation, and awakening. I highly recommend those who have chanced upon these advancing meditations on BlazingLight but are unfamiliar with the 14 steps of The Practice to explore them at Spirit Fire.com, meditation. Furthermore, experience The Practice yourself with Steve Kramer and colleagues who guide and instruct the Entry practice at LivingAwarenessMeditation.net.

Here’s today’s sitting.

advancing 073118 mirror 1

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