August full moon meditation

Leo is heart, Aquarius is circulatory flow. Now add the dynamic of the various retrograde planets, and a powerful destabilization of self is possible. This would enable new ideas, paradigms, social structures to come forward. Destabilization of one’s norms is also necessary  if a greater heart, greater flow, greater light, and greater wisdom is to emerge.

The freshness of each of these are characteristics of the new age of Aquarius, and the astrological currents and forces are assisting humanity to give rise to the new.

Our meditation is simple. Its invocation intent and its intention true: warmth, radiance, and power of the awakened and universally expressing heart.

august 2018 full moon

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2 Responses to August full moon meditation

  1. Thank you so much Donna… you truly transcend time and space with how you conduct these meditations… always knowing exactly when everyone has reached “that place.” You amaze me and I am so grateful to have access to your work. Blessings for you always.


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