advancing meditation: this moment

It could seem that one’s meditation practice is done for oneself. Yet, if one’s practice is bearing fruit, one’s way with the world, one’s day, and everyone in it will become more thought-full, heart-full, kind, respectful, and selfless. If any of these modifications or  improvements transpire, then the world is eased from one person’s ignorance and self-centered self-importance.

The truth is that there is only this moment. The past is gone and the future does not exist. In this moment, you and I create reality. The meditation being posted occurred before I watched the documentary, Seeds, and the meditation is simple, true to moment, participatory in the Now. But, as I watched Seeds, I thought of all the ways that I contribute to the degradation of our world and the ways that I contribute to its health and well being. Meditation has made me understand that responsibility is not an option or a luxury. It is mine to live and live from every moment, and that’s inspiring.

May you be inspired too. Our world, our home, and all the beings in it, need humanity to care, to be inspired, and to live each moment from the heart and a peaceful mind.

advancing 070518 this moment


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