advancing meditation: the dance of Awareness and …

Repeatedly in these meditation posts, the relationship of shamatha and vipashyana has been highlighted. Serenity, stability, and alert acute simplicity are words that speak to shamatha. Clarity of understanding, truth in perceiving, Awareness in the moment, and penetrating or direct insight are words that speak to vipashyana. These two are inseparable. They are intertwined, cannot be divorced from one another, and are always dancing. Shamatha produces or makes possible clarity, truth in perceiving, Awareness in the moment. Yet, shamatha – if being experienced for its simplicity, alert acute serenity and stability – is vipashyana. And, vipashyana will always have the character of true true: stable, incontrovertible, acute, and simple. Being incontrovertible is not due to dogma or blind faith but because vipashyana is non-deceptive.

How is the experience within vipashyana non-deceptive? It is so precisely because of its ground: serenity, acuity, and simplicity: in a word – shamatha.

This dance, this co-emergence, is flawless: thus always perfect. To bring these attributes of one’s practice off the cushion and 1/2 hour of sitting into the 23. 5 other hours of one’s day infuses daily reality with truth, simplicity, serenity, and direct perception.

advancing 062818 the dance

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