Online course #3: The Spiritual Wisdom within One’s Horoscope

The Spiritual Wisdom within One’s Horoscope:
a 6-wk exploration on Tuesday nights
with Donna Mitchell-Moniak beginning July 10. Register now.

This astrology course examines how to factually move along the spiritual Path using one’s horoscope. It is the third online astrology course in a series focusing on astrology (traditional and esoteric) as a fundamental and revealing tool by which to understand oneself, one’s spiritual Path, its direction, and ongoing conscious transformation.

The birth chart (horoscope) of each lifetime is unique. It will not be repeated in any other lifetime, nor has its specific dynamics been offered before this one life. Learning about oneself through one’s birth chart, as well as how to further one’s spiritual Path and conscious Awareness during one’s incarnation, is purposeful, rewarding, and factually can support one’s spiritual evolution.

Course 1 provided instruction in Traditional Astrology. With that foundation laid, Course 2 explored the esoteric layers of the planets and signs through Esoteric Astrology. Now, in Course 3, these must be combined.

Illumining and acknowledging the personal habits, tendencies, and karma displayed traditionally in one’s chart begs response from the esoteric levels of meaning, action, and wisdom offered in the esoteric view of one’s chart. Yet,

  • how does one determine the one or two transformation power-planets or points in the chart?
  • How does one evolve one’s Mars, or live from the Sophia/Wisdom of Venus, or turn the happiness of Jupiter into the view of the higher self on a daily basis?
  • What of your Sun sign is the “present problem”? (to quote Master DK)
  • And, can one’s chart help one assess one’s point on the Path? Or, if one has an analyzed idea about point on Path, how can one maximize the energies and tendencies of one’s horoscope to factually further one’s Path?

Course 3 will explore more of:

  • the concept of “turns of the spiral,”
  • determining if and when one is living from the negative tendencies of one’s Moon, Sun, or ASC and how that happens. This will relate to a primary theme that the horoscope is displaying.
  • And, through homework/contemplation, we will examine default planets and the level that one lives them from. This is the first point in the chart to spiral up. How to do that, as well as the benefits of doing so, one’s chart is also already displaying.

This third online course is The Spiritual Wisdom within One’s Horoscope. It is six weeks long, on Tuesday nights, beginning July 10. All sessions are video webcasted which means that being present at the time of the session is not necessary.

Anyone with traditional and esoteric astrology background is welcome.

What: The Spiritual Wisdom within One’s Horoscope, a 6-wk online course
When: Tuesday evenings for live sessions at 8 pm ET beginning July 10. Attendance at live sessions is not necessary.
Where: your home. This is an online course.
Tuition: $90   Register now.

I respond to all homework, questions, contemplations, and musings of the students. My goal is that you are supported in learning and then learning how to use the astrology that is being offered.

“Thank You, Donna. I really loved your classes and got  so much out of it.” Linda

“Thank You Much for the class. I learned allot and have allot to learn.” Jeanette
“Thanks for teaching this class. I feel I got a lot from it and will get more as I review the lessons.” Robert

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