advancing meditation: self-cognizant

Awareness is self-cognizant.

That seems rather obvious. But, if Awareness is self-cognizant, and I am Awareness-Being, then how is it that I or you are not living as enlightened beings? (Maybe you are – but I’m not.)

If the issue is non-recognition, then how does one cultivate more recognition? Through noticing the ways in which Awareness is expressing right now and through each day.

For example, being self-cognizant

  • Awareness is the mother of all knowing, all capacity to know, and of what we do with any knowledge. Contemplate this. You are reading right now, these lines and curves form letters in your mind, the letters form words, the words have meaning to you, thus you “know” what this is saying. How many other types of knowing, or the capacity to learn and know, or the ability to apply knowledge and information are the essence of a moment or of each moment every day? If/when we realize that this is Awareness, and that this is possible because of Awareness, then we will begin to recognize something of Awareness-Being as it is, as it is being lived, demonstrated, or expressed.
  • And this is only one example of the usually not noticed that is reporting Truth of Being.

We contemplate and meditate with today’s meditation.

advancing 053118 self-cognizant

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