advancing meditation: simplicity

Solutions to internal problems, themselves, become new problems. For example, training to watch the mind is actually negating the simplicity and freshness of mind-as-such. However, because we are largely unaware of the variety of ways that the daily mind is being used to reinforce habits of mindlessness, it is important to learn to watch the mind, emotions, preferences, and such.

At some point, one will have watched enough, will have become aware of the highjacking that so easily occurs, or will have realized the interdependent complexity of any one thought or emotion to a slew of them. At that moment, one will also be aware that the solution of watchfulness has provided insight while also producing a habit or preference as well. With that insight, one can release thinking of being watchful as a technique. One will discover how that, too, has been highjacked, and the trickster of the personal mind will have been found-out once again.

Each of these processes are necessary steps toward Awareness-as-IT-IS, toward ISness. Have no preference for ISness, but instead realize the fact of what you need to become more aware. For most of us, that is watchfulness on and off the cushion.

We sit in simplicity for this sitting.

advancing 041018 simplicity

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