It’s time. (the full moon, March for our Lives, and change)

The Full Moon will be celebrated with online meditation on Friday, March 30 at 8 pm ET. Here is the link to join. No registration is necessary.

This is the second full moon in a row with powerful energies. The Parkland High School shooting, its murders, and mayhem was at the new moon in February. The full moon on March 1 was two weeks later. As the world knows, the young adult survivors of that shooting were mobilized by the March 1 full moon. That chart was dripping with the powers of empathy, responsibility, not turning away from Truth, and courage to stand up for change. We have witnessed these qualities in the young people who have become articulate activists around this country.

The March for our Lives occurred as Mercury was stationed in Aries before its twenty-day retrograde. This is the first Mercury retrograde of 2018. The message of change rang out from signs and young adult speakers at gatherings all over the US. The waning of the white old-boys club in politics is becoming visible. Well-spoken, cool-headed, collaborative minded young people mirror to the older generation their prejudice, bigotry, greed, and ignorance. Old politics has sold the US a bill of goods with no future. The young people say, “Hey, that’s my life you’re messing with.” and “I didn’t have go to war to watch my best friend be killed. I simply went to school.”

The horoscope for this full moon is dynamic in the way of breaking up the old, of being willing to create personal change so that systemic change will follow, and ready to move forward into truth, clarity, and a connected reality. We owe it to the younger generations to show up for them by being part of change that focuses on the interconnectedness of this to that. There are countless ways that the adults of this country can be more conscientious and choose what is better for others (including better for soil, air, water, and animals). The March for our Lives asked “What do you value, America?”

A child born under the “stars” for this Aries full moon will not stand for the old programs. Parents, be on the lookout. Children born in this full moon cycle will challenge their parents and teachers from the get-go. Rather than simply Aries’ head-strong energy, those incarnating beings are here to say “Enough already. Let’s get real.”

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