advancing meditation: Heraclitus and the mind

Wisdom is wisdom, no matter who speaks it or where it comes from. Sometimes wisdom comes from our children (“out of the mouth of babes”), sometimes from our pet, sometimes from Nature. Humanity has also been gifted by many philosophers and spiritual teachers through its history and from all cultures, indigenous and otherwise, who have offered brilliant, often, pithy statements regarding wisdom and how to live by it.

The reason why common, mature wisdom is significant to a meditation practice is the on-the-cushion/off-the-cushion relation. If one’s mind is stirred up due to what one has said/or not said and should have, what one has done, and so forth, then on-the-cushion will not be tranquil. Serenity in one’s life, however, will support and nurture serenity in meditation. The relationship is pretty straightforward.

advancing 030618 Heraclitus and the mind



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