Online meditation and astrology course

Two things coming up. Join in both!

Live online meditation on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 am ET begins January 16. It is free and welcomes everyone. This is a group meditation, mildly guided but with lots of silence for your deepening.

These meditations are within the advancing practice of The Practice of Living Awareness. No registration is necessary. Please arrive a few minutes early and settle your body and mind before we start. Everyone is muted and video cams are disabled for the session. Use this link to enter. You can also easily find the link in the Meditation navigation tab on the mast head above.

The beginner practice can be found at the blog that serves it: .

Introduction to Astrology: six-week online course begins Tuesday, February 6 at 8 pm ET.

For two years my article, 12th House – hidden power, has been the most read post on this blog. That indicates that many people are seeking insights into their Being and how to live from that. Insights are worthwhile but unlocking the attributes that one has available is more important – not only to you individually but to the world and human evolution.

Humanity is being called to embody the virtuous, true, creative and spiritual aspects of its nature. One’s birth chart is a display of those virtues, of the truth of being that you can express, as well as the stretch intended by your higher nature so that you continually mature the spiritual aspects of pure Being. Knowing the pointers given in one’s birth chart is empowering. It puts things in perspective, reminds one repeatedly of one’s troublesome defaults, of small-minded preferences, and of the glorious possibilities that one is capable of.

I will teach a series of online Astrology courses this year. The first, Introduction to Astrology, teaches traditional astrology. Traditional is the bedrock of astrology, the foundation of astrological interpretation, and the literal A,B,C’s of the art. This course is for beginners as well as those wanting to brush up on astrology and get reacquainted with their chart.

The rest of the series of online courses will explore Esoteric Astrology. Three levels of rulers, “the sun as the present problem,” and the Soul as the designer of the birth chart are only a few of the foci of Esoteric Astrology that we will engage. More on these later. Each course can be done individually, though it is assumed that those in any Esoteric Astrology module are well-versed in Traditional Astrology. If not, sign up for the Introduction to Astrology course.

As of Jan. 28 registrations are closed. The class is full!

To register use one of the links below. I will be limiting the size of the class so that everyone’s chart can be used. The course is $90US. The required text, Astrology Illumined is $16.94US shipping included.

* If you already have Astrology Illumined by myself and Sara Traub (the required text) (a $90 purchase)

* If you need the book, Astrology Illumined (discounted for the online course)


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2 Responses to Online meditation and astrology course

  1. victoria2dc says:

    OK Donna! I’m going to start again. The world likes me more when I meditate, which I haven’t done for a long time.

    See you at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday or Thursday…

    Vicki Satta



  2. wonderful, Vicki! Nice to have you in the circle again.


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