This is an interesting article for a few reasons:

a) it reminds the reader that it is possible that he or she experienced Jesus the Christ during his incarnation in Palestine. Thousands of people did, maybe tens of thousands when those who were antithetical to his message and the Romans involved in crowd control, as well as passersby and those curious but not engaged are included.

b) the same idea and truth of karmic experience can be said of myriad other saints, sages, and avatars. If we are established on the Path, then rest assured, we have been with one, two, or several Lighted Ones through our – and their – incarnational embodiments.

c) the idea and truth of our individual follow-through on the wisdom, teaching, compassion, and kindness that we have received down the ages from those who have been our guides and mentors, helpers, and saviors (not being used in a Christian way). We are to pay it forward; we are to spread the good news and teachings exactly through embodying them in daily life.

DoveHolySpiritStainGlassCircleWith #c, one recognizes the reason for the significance given to lineage in various traditions: the student carrying forward the kindness and mentoring received. If the student or apprentice does not do so, the kindness and teaching passed to him or her dies. Lineage is important because it is the lifestream of wisdom. We are its demonstration and integration – or we are not. This applies to the teaching of Christ just as it does to all other teachers and wisdom traditions. The article asks if we are following through with that which has been given to, and seeded into, us.

#b is a statement of the obvious but often unremembered: We are what we have been, and every incarnation is built upon the always expanding ground of our past training and experiences. If one is “living” the Path, living an aware life, that is a result. One’s meditative training, ethical encouragement, moral discipline, as well as training with nature, music or the arts, with thinking in various boxes or outside of them, and the capacity for diligence and steadfastness necessary for common daily tasks, for craftsman skills, and spiritual practices were all fostered in previous lives. Sometimes the mentoring was with a disciple senior to us clothed in the costume of “Grandfather,” “Brother,” or other familiar relationships. Sometimes the light of a genius (Shakespeare or Tesla) or of a savior (Florence Nightingale or Albert Schweitzer) or of a liberator (Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela) brightened our life. In all respects, we, our capacity, and our life are the result of that which we have received. We are our own inheritance.

#a is a fact as is #b. We have been in the crowds that flocked to the Great Ones. We have been in proximity just as we are today. Have you gotten a hug from Amma along with the (now) hundreds of thousands who have? Have you been to an empowerment or teaching with the Dalai Lama or a Rinpoche or the Karmapa or Thich Nhat Han? Hundreds of thousands – maybe millions have. Imagine being one of the hundreds of sick or dying people in the streets of India soothed by Mother Theresa. We carry their empowerments, their character, and skill with the Path, and have a responsibility to live from it.

I have a vivid memory of being about 8 years old in Palestine. My parents had heard of a wandering rabbi and they were interested to hear his message. We went out to a where a gathering was amassing to hear him. I felt compelled to wind my way through bodies and legs to get to where I could see him. (I get shivers as I type.)   —-   I will never forget those eyes. To this day, the memory of that moment and those eyes brings me into an alignment with or an experience of pure Being.

I am blessed with other vivid memories of other times with other elders or senior disciples who would grace my life and Path cyclically. I am their child, their result; or to quote an African saying, “I am the reason why the ancestors lived,” not egotistically but factually. Their gifts, their kindness, their presence lives in and through me, just as the life, wisdom, and compassion stream of their mentors lived in and through them.

There are various small statements in the article that I disagree with or consider hyperbolic or attention-getters. Those statements are easily put aside. What matters is our Now. Right now, in this life and in this moment, you (and I) are the very reason why all your previous lives occurred. Equally so, that which is expressed now is the ancestral seed of the future.

Christ knew this  – and taught it. May we be reminded of these facts and offer their embodied wisdom to others.

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