The effects of cultural bias

India might be the only nation and culture that has sustained its spiritual, esoteric, and multi-cultural traditions through the millennia. Unlike Egypt, whose vast esoteric wisdom only partially remains intact and passed on through oral transmission, much of India’s scope and quality of inner knowledge is still being passed down through oral transmission from adept to disciples.

Among the many high presentations of wisdom, lore, and architectural beauty that India produced are its many temple complexes scattered through the continent. These were built of stone, are stories high, and all carved with myriad bas-reliefs and statues. Yet, over the centuries and the various conquests that overtook India in the last thousand years, the jungle overtook several of these temple complexes, in a way similar to the fate that befell the pyramid and temple complexes throughout Central America.

In India, however, as the British conquerors became the British explorers of the continent, they came upon these jungle-hidden architectural wonders. The British, being proper in Victorian demeanor were amazed by the size, scope, grandeur, and beauty they found, but they also were aghast. Among the hundreds of reliefs were some explicitly sensual depictions, this because India did not cover the body nor shame sensual love. Though these images were few among the many historical, religious mythic, or spiritual bas-reliefs, the puritanism of the discovers deemed that they not tell the world of the discovery of these exquisite temple complexes. As a result, to this day, tourists visiting India flock to the Taj Mahal (worthy, of course) but do not even know of the other temple complexes available.

Here is a good documentary in this regard: Mysteries of Asia: Lost Temples of India

The link (above) is the better quality video. The one below is to put an image in the post.

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