October Full Moon meditation

217_libraThis Libra-Aries full moon cycle is accentuated by a Venus-Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo.

  • Libra is the sign of right relations, harmony, and balanced inter-connectedness.
  • Aries is the sign of individuality, the adventure of self and self-interest, and the fearless presence of authenticity and integrity.
  • The personal planets (Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) can be lived selfishly or selflessly. Their conjunction combined with this full moon invite an examination a self lived with harmony and inter-being or individuality as forefront.

In this full moon meditation, we become the cosmic scale of right relations and authenticity.

Downloadable podcast: October full moon meditation

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2 Responses to October Full Moon meditation

  1. cheriepeterson says:

    I was surprised you didn’t mention Scorpio or Taurus in the meditation last night but maybe you did this morning. I was up at 4:30 meditating so missed the 7:00 meditation

    Thanks for holding the field and all the good information. Love Cherie



    • hi Cherie, Yes, I can understand the surprise. Astronomically, the sun/moon are in Libra/Aries and I’ve been feeling that energy strongly. I went with the inspiration from the inside instead of the ephemeris and its adjusted placements. I hope the meditation itself was of value to you and that your light poured through it to the world.


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