Light of the Soul, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, final session Sutras 23-34

fractal___ice_hex_animated_by_p1_2004gsbThe final week’s discussion brought forward some extremely clear, succinct, and pure understandings of Patanjali’s final sutras. In those he, once again, reminds the practitioner of the final hurdles or snags to realization: the very nature of Mind itself and the confusion of the practitioner between consciousness and Awareness. The final “book” or “chapter of sutras from Patanjali is called Liberation.

Podcasts offer some analyses of the subject-object relation that we live as duality, and the alternative that Patanjali is offering: the liberated states of Awareness while in phenomenal existence.

  1. LOS book 4 pre-23 Patanjali and the nature of mind, sutra 23, witness and the Path
  2. LOS book 4 sutra 24 a unified state which provides the Now
  3. LOS book 4 sutra 25 sustaining the states of the spiritual Path, and isolated unity
  4. LOS book sutra 26, 27, 28 latent tendencies in oneself, humanity
  5. LOS book 4 sutra 29 clear explanation of the irreducible and inseparable nature of Awareness and Phenomena
  6. LOS book 4 sutra 29 cont. Sue’s thoughts on separateness in culture
  7. LOS book 4 sutra 30 & 31 stability of presence
  8. LOS book 4 sutra 32 the gunas cease to modify within the yogi’s state of awareness
  9. LOS book 4 sutra 33 _time is a modification of the mind_; how the mind creates more of the phenomena that it is experiencing
  10. LOS book 4 sutra 34 final sutra- the Way of Liberation, and final thoughts

The online source we used. It is excellent! Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Animated graphic: Fractal Ice Hex Animated by P1 2004 gsb at DeviantART

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