Light of the Soul, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: Book 4 sutras 4-10

patanjali-1Our discussion started off right away with big considerations: what is I am consciousness and is there a We are consciousness?

Each of the four “books” or chapters of Patanjali’s timeless teaching (sutras), the fourth and final leaves no wiggle room for the egoic sense of self. In order to live a life of Awareness, one must engage the aspects of the psyche which seek to re-ify limitation – experienced as a satisfactory existence – in deference to the ways of a conscious life.

  1. LOS book 4 review of I am consciousness, and We consciousness
  2. LOS book 4 sutra 5, _yeah, that’s called samsara!_
  3. LOS book 4 sutra 6- misappropriation and the most developed aspect
  4. LOS book 4 sutras 7 & 8, karma of three kinds
  5. LOS book 4 sutra 9 & 10, does anyone take on karma_

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