Light of the Soul, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, we begin book 4

4608529259We entered Book 4 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The first podcast is a recap of the master’s intention through the previous books. Patanjali stands with the hand full of world teachers who gave humanity that which we still are living by, still are cultivating. And the reason that we are is because of the first sutra in the teaching: “OM. This teaching is about the science of union.”

At first, a practitioner enters the sutras usually with a personal agenda. But the excellence of the teaching is that while that is being served a greater efficacy is being fostered: the spiritual maturation of the human Being. This will make this person an agent of transformation in all regards and in all endeavors. Such is the magic of Being.

Page references and sutras being read are from Alice Bailey’s Light of the Soul.

*The recording is slightly distorted in spots, but not a problem for listening.

  1. LOS book 4 preamble and recap of the previous books
  2. LOS book 4 sutra 1a anima mundi, are humans animal evolved_
  3. LOS book 4 sutra 1b drugs and realization
  4. LOS book 4 sutra 1c mantra and the left hand path
  5. LOS book 4 sutra 2 & 3a the practices remove the obstacles
  6. LOS book 4 sutra 4 cells in a great evolving being
  7. LOS book 4 sutra 5 and the $100,000 question
  8. LOS book 4 more on that big question

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