Light of the Soul, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: book 3 sutras 42-48

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPatanjali had an overall intention to guide a practitioner toward the inner truth of being. Once a person began to experience for him or herself the nature of innate being and its distinction from the apparent Knower and Perceiver, then that practitioner would begin to also realize the capacity that one has as an innately profound being. The yogi of meditation has accomplished this inner awareness and, because of that, can live from light, presence, and truth of being. This is a gift to the world.

Book 3 of the four sets of instructions that comprise Patanjali’s timeless Yoga Sutras primarily explains various subtle foci in a mature meditative state and the result in consciousness or magical powers (siddhis) that will result. Sutras 39-42 within this overall context of siddhis and book 3 began to focus on how intuition is particularly developed through the senses and the range of perceptions accessible thereby. Patanjali now deepens that line of instruction to relieve the practitioner of erroneous identification with the senses and its aggregated sense of self.

We began our study group (months ago) with Alice Bailey’s commentary to the Yoga Sutras called The Light of the Soul. Each study session I offered an explanation of the sutra, contemporization of the instruction, and expansion of the sutra’s teaching such that we can see it alive within our life. I have been graced with direct experience of these teachings, their application, and results, and it gives me great joy to be able to honor the Teacher, Patanjali, with whatever I can provide of explanation.

We brought in the book, Raja Yoga by Vivekananda, mostly for its Sanskrit interpretation, and now have added The Wisdom of Patnajali’s Yoga Sutras by Ravi Ravidra. The latter is a contemporary translation and explanation inclusive of correlative quotes from a variety of spiritual teachers of the Ages. All page references, however, are still in our original book: The Light of the Soul by Alice Bailey.

  1. we begin with the bottom of pg. 337 of The Light of the Soul regarding the sacred word AUM as the causative vibration of existence LOS book 3 pg. 337 Рsutra 41
  2. LOS book 3 sutra how clarity regarding the solar plexus_navel chakra makes possible the higher siddhis + 42
  3. LOS book 3 sutra 43 realizing the incconceivable – applying the space of awareness
  4. LOS book 3 sutra 44- important explanation of how density or subtlety become defaults of perception
  5. LOS book 3 sutra 46 pithy encapsulation of how samyama upon each of the afore mentioned subjects of meditaiton lead to the higher siddhis
  6. LOS book 3 sutra 48 we are not this … direct perception of monadic nature
  7. LOS book 3 sutra 48b living from awareness – how to establish this

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