We are photons!

Have fun with this 5 min. video. The thesis in the new online Vibrational Excellence online course that I am teaching is that we (and everything) are vibration. Like the photon in the double-slit experiment, we interact with observers (those in our life). Furthermore, human beings fabricate observers inside their minds (expectations, projections of others, replays of the past, envisioning the future). All of these are person-made momentary observers that are imagined in our minds but do not – in that moment – exist. We are just like the photon that knows it’s being observed. When so, the photon behaves like a discreet particle – a thing. We do the same thing. We remove our identification from the wholeness of the continuum of Being as vibration that we are and reduce ourselves to a person, with name, and tasks, and desires (joyful or not so).

Registrations for Vibrational Excellence are still open. The online course provides either a live-time participation or an at-your-convenience one. Each class is webcasted and the video as well as all course materials are available when you want to work with them. We’ve begun with the archetypes of the Ageless Wisdom as contemporary and historical models present them. They are pointing us always to the vibrations of inner being and reality. Vibrational Excellence series, part 1: Your Vibrational Spiral.

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