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188px-Chiron_instructs_young_Achilles_-_Ancient_Roman_frescoBelow is a pdf of the pages sent to those who registered for the Chiron free webinar. It includes the psychological presentation of the Chiron myth and ways that I suggest Chiron encapsulates various points on the birth chart.

Chiron_handout_2015 by donna mitchell-moniak

Here is the webcast of the presentation as well.

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4 Responses to More on Chiron

  1. Bonnie Orgren says:

    A great article. I’ve spent a lot of time reading about Chiron in Melanie Reinhart’s book and Barbara Clow’s. This is the most succinct, useful and helpful exposition of all. Thank you Donna!


    • Thank you, Bonnie. Yes, Chiron is a significant feature in one’s chart. When creating the webinar presentation, I pondered the “discovery” of the outer planets and the coming forward of a set of qualities within the human psyche. Equally so, the range of human potential that the “discovery” heralded. One day, as we mature out of the karma of the Kali Yuga, we will live from this full range of human Beingness. Chiron, half and half being that he is, is us.


  2. Bonnie Orgren says:

    Equally enjoyed your talk on the Pleiades, so clear, well ordered, easy to absorb. I’ve contemplated the connections for many years as once in an altered state, I felt a great longing to be “home”, a missing longing and to my great surprise it was in the Pleiades. Later met a mentor, who helped to validate this. We’d traveled together so to speak and long ago she’d been my mother during our peasant life in Egypt. In many ways she served that function again and everyday I’m grateful. Thank you for the clarity you have presented.


    • Don’t you love the essential truths and how present they are in our lives! I’m glad you had someone in your life who would validate the experience. That, then, opens one to trust the subtle yet obvious in our lives.

      Thank you for sharing and for watching the webcast! 🌸


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