Yeah! Light of the Soul podcasts edited from the beginning

photoJoyfully, the editing of the first several Light of the Soul original podcasts is complete. Now, all podcasts are cleaned up and edited.

The Light of the Soul online free discussion group engages the overflowing fountain of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. We begin with Alice Bailey’s commentary to the sutras but then expand into the application of the sutras to one’s life.

I first read the Yoga Sutras in the late 1980’s. The familiarity was uncanny and comfortable. I realized that the meditation that I was practicing on my own was Raja Yoga meditation technique and that the meditation techniques that I taught were as well. Through the Theosophical Society in Boston, I began teaching a course on Raja Yoga and the Sutras and their application in developing a meditative capacity.

In time, I create a three-year course inclusive of the Rules of White Magic, understanding glamour and illusion, and the Raja Yoga sutras. The work with students in three locations over 10 years was profound and proved the timeless efficacy of the Yoga Sutras to all deep and higher inner work.

I commend these podcast to you. Please pass them onto anyone who might have interest, especially those studying the Master DK, Buddhism, or Raja Yoga.

Only the first few weeks were not recorded. The rest were and continue to be. Join us live most Sundays or send me a comment or question through the blog or email.

Here is the first week (no recording on this one).


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