Light of the Soul, book 3 sutras 4-8 podcasts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPatanjali’s teaching continues to serve humanity. The system of yoga, inclusive of complete training in meditation, is sourced from this great and ancient rishi. It is likely that Patanjali existed before the great deluge in the high civilization that was wiped out around 12-13,000 BC. Geology now recognizes the world-wide evidence that a comet melted the two-mile thick ice sheet of the northern hemisphere and flooded whole land masses across the world. This is the source of the over 140 world stories of the great deluge.

The attainment of sublime states of awareness does not complete with samadhi, the 8th means to yoga. But rather, the eight means bring the yogi to an unwordable state given the name samyama. Buddhist tantric forms of meditation also work with the last three means to yoga to achieve samyama as well as to stabilize this state in a variety of ways. Mahamudra is an example.

Reference is made to a Wikipedia page on samyama. Here it is.

  1. Light of the Soul, book 3 sutra 4- distinguishing samyama from samadhi
  2. Light of the Soul, book 3 sutra 5 – samyama and the non-dual nature of awareness
  3. Light of the Soul, book 3 sutra 6 – highest union is non-dual.mp4

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