Light of the Soul podcast: Book 3 the components of meditation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEach week during the Light of the Soul study group, I sing the praises of Patanjali. He was a supreme being who brought much to humanity. The system of union (yoga) that he taught is not one system but is an intricate layering of the modes of Awareness available to a human being. Patanjali recognized that each aspect of human experience can be used to produce spiritual union. The aspects of mind, passions, physical body and how one conducts the physical life, as well as the subtle energetic system of the inner centers (chakras) and their nadis – these along with virtue, devotion or dedication, and meditation all can be used to accomplish a level or type of spiritual union.

There are four “books” within the Raja Yoga compendium by Patanjali. Each “book” is a section of verses that first details that which limits human beingness, why that is so, and then describes the way to achieve liberation from these internal limitation. The discussion group has now entered Book 3. It focuses of how to establish true meditation. Book 3 also offers some of the probable results from having done so.

I was first exposed to the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali thirty years ago and experienced a deja-vu (or already experienced) feeling: I understood what I was reading. Such experiences are the proof of reincarnation and the types of training that we have had in the past. I have felt the Sutras as “home” ever since. Their richness and applicability continues to astound me and, therefore, the supreme wisdom of Patanjali. I hope that those who are participating in this Light of the Soul group by podcast are finding that your life and awareness is benefiting from what is discussed each Sunday.

* I believe the Buddhadharma is possible because of Patanjali’s teachings and that the teachings of the Buddha could easily establish in India 2600 years ago because of the yogic-contemplative foundation that existed there.

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