Revisit some previous posts: Saturn, Physics, Naropa

I’m working on The Practice of Living Awareness blog in preparation for the upcoming round of free online meditations beginning January 26. Check it out for timeless meditations that have had their podcasts refreshed. You will also find many articles on meditation as an art and science, each giving insight into this powerful human experience. Finally, there are a few delightful videos on The Practice blog from TED on centeredness and juggling as as well as one from Puppetji. Check it out! For refreshed audio check the archives of 2012 and Jan-June of 2013. All articles and videos are functional as is.

Here on Blazing Light, a fallow time in new writing is the time to explore or revisit older posts. A few come to my mind:

  • Saturn, the satyr. If you have Saturn prominent in your chart, or are a Capricorn Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, then this article will give you insights into your incarnation.
  • the Physics and Consciousness series. Though the Particle and Wave class is not coming around again quite yet, the articles themselves discuss inner and outer dynamics of consciousness.
  • the Naropa series. If you are a student of Mahayana or Tantrayana Buddhism, this series uses the experiences of Naropa as he was searching for his teacher to inform us on how to live more mindfully in our life. Buddhist student or not, this series is about one’s reality and living a more true life.


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