Light of the Soul discussion: Book 2, sutras 40-43

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur discussion was rich and layered. Often we went back to Patanjali’s intention in giving the sutras, including reference to the seven schools to yoga, asking “What would Patanjali say?” or “What was he pointing the practitioner toward?”

  1. Light of the Soul, Book 2, sutra 40a, entering niyama
  2. Light of the Soul, Book 2, sutra 40b, oriental and occidental medicine
  3. Light of the Soul, book 2, sutra 41 conquest of the organs and the schools of yoga
  4. Light of the Soul, Book 2, sutra 41b, purification, concentration, and application
  5. LOS book 2 sutra 42 contentment and bliss
  6. Light of the Soul, Book 2 sutra 43 fiery aspiration, Mantram of Fire

Next Sunday we finish the sutras related to Niyama and enter into Asana, the third of the Eight Means to Yoga. If you would like to join us live, please read:

  • the rest of Niyama via Book 2, sutras 44 & 45
  • and the sutras about Asana: Book 2, sutras 46-49
  • in The Light of the Soul by Alice Bailey. Here is an online PDF of it.

The discussion group is free. Your donations to Spirit Fire, a 501c3 educational organization support the online groups and meditation practice we offer. Please donate. Every amount helps.

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