Light of the Soul discussion: Book 2 sutras 30-33

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYama and niyama are the first two of the Eight Means to Yoga as given by Patanjali, one of the great sages of humanity. Yama constitutes five commandments of virtuous living:

  • harmlessness
  • truthfulness
  • and abstention from uncontrolled reactive emotions
  • abstention from theft
  • abstention from greed or avarice.

These five cultivations of virtue (yama) are “the universal duty and irrespective of race, place, time, or emergency.” Book 2, Sutra 32.

Niyama (or spelled nijama) are the rules for personal development. Niyama also has five components.

  • internal and external purification
  • contentment
  • fiery aspiration or dedication to the ideals of the spiritual path
  • spiritual reading
  • devotion to …. (a presentation of God, a god or goddess, Divine Mother, inner Beingness, qualities of Buddha nature, or such)

Here are the podcasts of the discussion.

  1. LOS Book 2, Sutra 30 Yama
  2. LOS Book 2, Sutra 30b yama – a comparative of other esoteric systems
  3. LOS Book 2 Sutra 31 yama cont.
  4. LOS Book 2, Sutra 33a niyama
  5. LOS Book 2 Sutra 33 niyama – contentment and neutrality
  6. Book 2, Sutra 32 fiery aspiration and spiritual reading
  7. LOS Book 2, Sutra 33 -thoughts contrary to well-being antidote

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