Light of the Soul book discussion: Sutras 28 & 29 of Book 2 podcasts


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore than half of Book 2 of the Sutras explains and expands upon the first several of the Eight Means to Yoga. The Eight Means to Yoga are the esteemed Patanjali’s gift to the world. His entire codex of method to achieve spiritual awareness and harmonious existence in the world are contained within the Eight Means. In truth, the entirety of the first Book of Sutras has prepared the practitioner in right identification, such that through the Eight Means union with inner Being is possible and realization of the lastingly True and Powerful is also possible.

Reading for Nov. 30: through page 190

PDF Overview of the Eight Means to Yoga: Eight Means for Light of the Soul discussion group

  1. LOS Book 2 Sutra 28
  2. LOS Book 2 Sutra 29a
  3. LOS Book 2 Sutra 29b the comprehensive nature of the Eight Means to Yoga
  4. LOS Book 2 Sutra 29c buddhadharma and the sutras

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