The Continuity of Consciousness, pt. 1

trispiralThe three primary qualities of Awareness are luminosity, dynamism, and continuity. Like all presentations of three-that-are-One, these three are not separate qualities of Awareness but help us recognize Awareness as it is all the time. These three qualities, therefore, underlie Life, Death, the Afterlife states, and the process of Rebirth. They were the focus of the teaching, discussions, meditations, and contemplations of the Continuity of Consciousness retreats in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Jaroso, Colorado; and Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The qualities of Awareness, then, provided direct access to the continuity of consciousness (awareness) in the form of Life, the forms of dreams, the form of Death and the processes of leaving this form of life, the nature of the Afterlife States, and the re-entry from the Afterlife States.

This series of posts will contain elucidations of the qualities of Awareness and audio snippets from the three retreats.

Continuity of Consciousness 1 Jaroso, CO

This retreat is occurring one more time at Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center in Leyden, Massachusetts January 7-10, 2015. Registration is open to anyone. Please contact me ( with questions. Register early. Space is limited.

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