Light of the Soul: Book 2 Sutra 27 discussion

photoSutra 27 from Book 2 sets up the Eight Means to Yoga as offered by Patanjali. They are on a level similar to the Four Noble Truths inclusive of the Eightfold Path given by Buddha Shakyamuni. And, truth be told, they have much in common. The primary divergence is the Self.

Patanjali’s teaching is to assist the practitioner to understand the self (up to the divine Self) so as to understand the skewing of Reality that happens only due to the self. Shakyamuni Buddha went one step further and could (yes, because of his enlightenment) because, as we determine through Patanjali’s processes, the self is a collection of responses and perceptions. Patanjali left the practitioner to come to the final conclusion on his or her own. The Buddha did, thus the teachings of the Buddha rely upon the fact that, ultimately, there is no self.

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