Light of the Soul, Book 2: Sutras 17-23 podcasts

Monad, Solar Angels, soul infusion and liberation are among the points discussed related to these sutras from Patanjali and Alice Bailey’s commentary.

photoAnyone can join in the conversation. Here is a PDF of the book Light of the Soul by Alice Bailey. Our discussion is of her commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. We then sprinkle in Ageless Wisdom, the Master DK, Buddhism, and esoteric philosophy overall.

The group is tuition-free and online. The webinar service is compatible with all devices and computers. We meet every Sunday at 8 pm ET. Click here. Allow a minute for application download time.

If you are an Ageless Wisdom student, Patanjali reader, or Mahayana practitioner, this discussion group is not to be missed.

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