Light of the Soul: discussion of Sutras II: 10-16

photoThe Light of the Soul by Alice Bailey engages the subject of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali from the Ageless Wisdom principles.

For Sunday, Oct. 5, please be ready with Book 2, Sutras 17-23 (on the perceiver and what is perceived)

Here are the podcasts,  by subject and Sutra, from last Sunday’s discussion.

  1. 1 LOS Book 2 overview of sutras 1-9, plus sutra 10
  2. 2 LOS Book 2 sutra 10, Aryan (noble) truth
  3. 3, LOS Book 2 Sutra 12 Karma
  4. 4 LOS Book 2 sutra 12 karma as the path to liberation
  5. several thoughts on this one. It begins with a thought about the crucified Christ and one’s responsibility, then goes onto Sutra 14 and 15.  5 LOS Book 2 Sutra 14 & 15
  6. 6 LOS Book 2 Sutra 15 the gunas and pain
  7. 7 LOS Book 2 Sutra 16 warding off future pain

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