Light of the Soul, Book 2: sutras 4-10

photoThe Light of the Soul online study group continues. We have moved to a compatible webinar platform. All devices can interact, discuss, and participate. We hope that you will join us Sunday at 8 pm ET for the next online discussion. Click here to join at that time. *Please allow time for the GoToMeeting application to download before meeting time.

  • For Sept. 28, please read Book 2, Sutras 10-20.
  • Don’t have the book? Here is the PDF.

Here are the podcast sections from last Sunday, Book 2, Sutras 4-10.

  1. Book 2, Sutra 4: Avidya (fundamental ignorance) and the reason for existence  LOS book 2, sutra 4 avidya and the purpose of existence
  2. The Halls of Ignorance, Learning, and Wisdom (within Bailey’s thoughts on Sutra 4, pgs. 130-131): LOS Book 2, sutra 4 Halls, pgs. 130-1
  3. Book 2, Sutra 5: LOS Book 2, sutra 5 fooled and freedom
  4. Book 2, Sutra 6: LOS Book 2, Sutra 6, how Patanjali is setting up the 8 Means to Yoga
  5. Book 2, Sutra 7: LOS Book 2, Sutra 7 attachment and beauty
  6. Book 2, Sutra 8 (hate and its source) and 9 (ignorance, the wise, and the Law of Repulse): LOS Book 2, Sutras 8 & 9 and the Law of Repulse
  7. Book 2, Sutra 10: LOS Book 2, Sutra 10

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