Light of the Soul: finishing Book 1

Last Sunday, we completed Book 1 of Light of the Soul, Alice Bailey’s commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The emphasis on the last many sutras has been meditation.

Understanding the inner workings of meditation is tantamount to understanding the human Path. They go hand in hand. And the Path cannot be trodden effectively without the discipline and results of an established meditation practice. Patanjali knew this, and explained with brevity the importance of meditation. The group discussions and questions, as well as my explanations of the inner workings of meditation, help the reader of the Sutras to understand why Patanjali spends most of Book 1 on the subject.

Please keep in mind that The Practice of Living Awareness meditation training is free and online most days of the week. All its meditations are recorded live and posted, conveniently available to anyone who wants to learn how to meditate or refresh a current meditation practice. The Practice can be found at LivingAwarenessMeditation. It has been the joy of my life to teach meditation for the last 30 years. Nothing is more important, which is why it is given freely.

The 1 hour discussion is split up for your ease.

  1. going back to Sutra 42 and the need for quietening the mind in order for the subtle factors of awareness to be possible.  LOS completing Book 1 going back, 42 1
  2. the distinction between training and taming the chitta (the mind stuff).  LOS completing Book 1, training and taming
  3. c. LOS, sutra 47, super contemplative state and levels of such according to training
  4. d. LOS review of correct perception, deduction, and witness
  5. e. LOS quelling, directing, combining
  6. f. LOS sutra 48
  7. g. LOS pg. 105, truth sets one free
  8. h. LOS sutra 50
  9. i. LOS sutra 51 and parting thoughts on Book 1


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3 Responses to Light of the Soul: finishing Book 1

  1. mntnhiker says:

    yep, GOOD!


  2. Reblogged this on Blazing Light, Love's Song and commented:

    I’m posting this on Living Awareness because of the emphasis on meditation, its intricacies, and method. Enjoy!


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