“the energy inter-relations that govern and control” ones incarnation

 “I seek to lay the ground for a somewhat new approach – a far more esoteric approach – to the science of astrology. … It is intuitional astrology which must eventually supersede what is today called astrology, thus bringing about a return to the knowledge of that ancient science which related the constellations and our solar system, drew attention to the nature of the zodiac and informed humanity as to the basic interrelations which govern and control the phenomenal and subjective worlds.Esoteric Astrology, pg. 3/4

Master_DK_bThis quote is the opening thought to the Master DK’s book, Esoteric Astrology. It puts into right context the reason to investigate the soul-science of Esoteric Astrology: an understanding of the energy inter-relations that govern and control ones incarnation. All the potential of unfolding positive and beneficial qualities is displayed in a birth chart. Tendencies toward certain hindrances and hurdles, self-imposed as well as karmic, are portrayed also. Knowing these wide-ranging potentials serves any person on the Path.

Esoteric Astrology assumes the vantage point of the Soul and illumines from there. Esoteric Astrology assumes that the student actually wants to understand him or herself. The horoscope (birth chart) or current transits are never to blame for challenge or be praised for abundance or ease. Instead, the energies of the planets and constellations represent qualities of energy within oneself and catalyze them to prominence during a transit.

The Master DK states it plainly: (these) “inter-relations govern and control the phenomenal (life) and subjective worlds.” Ignorance of such is not bliss, it is disempowerment. Wisdom in such soul-energy matters empowers.

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