Webcast: Ray Lord Names and the Soul

Master_DK_bThe Master DK gave more that 20 books worth of wisdom. His gifts include new esoteric sciences or new approaches to existing ones such as psychology, astrology, healing, and the science of meditation. The Treatise of the Seven Rays focuses on esoteric psychology, the psychology of energy as wielded by the incarnating Soul. This webcast focuses on one factor of importance within the fullness of the subject: the Ray of the Soul with the emphasis on the Soul’s demonstration as necessary to the manifestation of a Ray Lord’s energy and quality.

“The work before all students of this Treatise on the Seven Rays is the fusion of quality and appearance, and therefore they need to study the nature of that quality in order to produce a true appearance.” EPI, pg. 40

Here are the notes to the webinar should anyone want the short version. The 1 hour webcast can be paused and resumed without expiration. The visuals are of value. Notes PDF: The Ray Lord Names and the Ray of the Soul webinar,

This webcast is mostly for students of the Ageless Wisdom who have some background in the science of the Seven Rays and the Ageless Wisdom, though I think any student of spiritual evolution might find the subject interesting. If you are a student of the Master DK, please pass this along to others of the world-wide community who study the “blue books.” Thank you.

* Please keep in mind that these webcasts will play on any computer, tablet, or OS but not on iPad or iPhone. iDevices do not interface with Java which is used by the webcast platform.

* * This webcast is from 2014. Spirit Fire has since then upgraded the webinar platform. 2015 presentations are compatible with all devices and computer OS. Check out the new presentations as they are posted on Blazing Light and upcoming ones.

Webcast: Ray Lord Names and the Soul   !For the short few minutes that I am on camera, you can maximize that video box by pulling the bottom corner. Then, please maximize the Instant Presenter screen once the webcast has begun. That is in the top right corner.!

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