The Ray Lord Names and the Soul

Master_DK_bThe sole purpose for one’s incarnation is to bring forward a Ray quality such that it permeates physical plane existence. The Ray Lords have created planes (states) of matter, the intentions of kingdoms, and They have worked together to bring forward a variety of expressions. A Soul is uniquely capable of demonstrating a Ray Lord quality through Itself and its vehicles, through the legacy of a cycle of lives, as well as be participant in the demonstration of the Hierarchical expressions of the Rays.

Ignorance is the fundamental obstacle to the demonstration of the energy of the Soul. This is so on multiple levels beginning with the emphasis of identity being that of the personality self – no matter how Soul or Monadically infused. The contemplation of oneself as a Soul, qualified by one of the Seven Rays is a mighty step out of this erroneous view. Equally so, this ignorance of not knowing the True or the Real or not being aware of Truth and Being is undermined as a disciple realizes that the spectrum of each of the Divine Rays is profound beyond all conception. Thereby, it is impossible that a Soul – no matter how mature and realized – can demonstrate the full quality of a Ray. This means that the Soul is learning to wield a particular quality within the full spectrum of a Ray, and furthermore, that the Soul is vital to the expression of that Ray in the realms of form. Thus, knowing the Soul to be an emanation of a Ray Lord is not enough. To say, “I am a Such and Such Ray Soul,” is valuable but, occultly, incorrect. A Soul, thus a person, is an emanation of a particular quality of a Ray Lord expressing through the human kingdom.

This distinction is significant because a human being, a Soul incarnate, interacts with all other kingdoms of Earth – formed and formless. Thus, with contemplation, one can realize the scope of a Ray Lord expression possible through a human being that is not possible through most other kingdoms. This is why knowing oneself as a particular emanation of Ray quality is important. This is one reason why the Master DK gave humanity the Ray Lord names.

I am giving a free online webinar Thursday, August 21 setting the stage for a four-week online course Rays of Life 2: Oneself as an Emanation. Information and registration here.

In preparation of Thursday evening’s free webinar, please review the Ray Lord names for the Ray that you hypothesize as the Ray that you express as a Soul. Two or three will probably feel more resonant to you. That is an energetic hint. Take those few into contemplation. Also, hold those Ray Lord names in your daily consciousness and observe  what Ray Lord name you are an expression of as a Soul. Information and registration for the free webinar here.

PDF: The Ray Lord Names

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3 Responses to The Ray Lord Names and the Soul

  1. Donna – intriguing but i have no idea what this is all about and where it originates


    • hi, The background information comes from the 20+ books from the Master DK through Alice Bailey.

      I have been a student of his work and a teacher of it for about 30 years. There are always new insights or applications. Recently, the connection of the Ray Lord names to specific qualities within each Ray became apparent, and I found it very valuable to consider my life purpose (Soul purpose) with that insight.

      I’ll post the webinar per usual for those who might be interested but not able to be there live.

      As we both know, there are several ways to contemplate the nature of oneself and of Reality. The teaching of Master DK (trans-himalayan philosophy) is one. In a way, the idea of the Rays is presented through imagery and symbol in various systems. For example, Vishnu is distinct from Shiva. Vishnu would be a 2nd Ray expression (Love-Wisdom) and Shiva a 1st Ray expression (Life, Power).

      peace and light!


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